NFL Playoff Predictor

Do you suspect that your team that's 6-8 still has a shot to make the post season? Well we can help you answer that question!

The NFL Playoff Predictor will allow you to pick all 256 games of the regular NFL season, and allow you to see conference rankings update in real-time with your selections. Unlike other predictors, we correctly break all NFL ties and seed the teams correctly for whatever situation you throw at us.

In addition to our current NFL season offering, you can create your own Custom League and build a regular season schedule, share it among your friends, and see how you think that season will go. This is particularly useful if you run a Madden CFM league and want to show NFL tiebreakers on your league website.

NBA Playoff Predictor BETA

New in 2017, the NBA Predictor is in BETA. It offers similar functionality to the NFL Predictor in that you can pick an entire regular and post-season schedule for all teams, share it among your friends, and see team records update live.

We are not currently offering the ability to create a custom NBA league.

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