Playoff Predictors CFB Rollout Plan

Beginning on 8/1, Playoff Predictors began rolling out Schedule Pickers for the major D1 collegiate conferences.

The rollout will be in multiple phases:

  1. All conferences will be implemented using NFL Tiebreakers
  2. Each conference will have their tiebreakers adjusted per their conference's rules
  3. Conference title games will be added

You can track our status here:

Conference Status Tiebreaking System
ACC Phase 1 NFL
SEC Phase 1 NFL
Pac-12 Phase 1 NFL
Big 12 Phase 1 NFL
American Phase 1 NFL
Mountain West Phase 1 NFL
Conference USA Phase 1 NFL
Mid-American Phase 1 NFL
Sun Belt Phase 1 NFL

Please Note: A conference not being listed doesn't mean it will not be added, but it does make it unlikely that it will. Please Contact Us with concerns.