Find a Bug?

Bugs are a regrettable part of software development. It's how we handle them that sets us apart. We value bug reports and take them very seriously.

If you find a bug in one of our Schedule Pickers, or our Schedule Builders, then please reach out to us, either via email, twitter, or reddit. For certain types of bugs, particularly ones that incorrectly seed a team, we may send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card (at our sole discretion).

How do I report a bug?

The contact methods are outlined above, and an example bug report is below:


Description: The Steelers are incorrectly seeded at #8, but should be #9

Reproduction Steps: (if the URL itself does not reproduce the problem, please outline how you re-created the issue)

Browser or Device used: Windows 10, Chrome

Supporting Documentation: (not required, but highly appreciated) Link to any other site that seeds them correctly, or outline what you think should happen

The higher quality the bug report, the more likely your bug report will qualify for a Bug Bounty Gift Card.